Wake up your

When was the last time you evaluated your marketing strategy?

The strategies behind effectively growing your company are constantly shifting and you may be wasting budget or missing new opportunities. 

MGC is a global team of thoroughly cross-trained marketers who will discover how to wake up your marketing. 

Our team will:


What’s working or not? Where are there missed opportunities you can quickly capitalize on?  


Our AudienceGenius™ system uses behavioral insights to discover hidden gems in your fanbase or email lists. 


We use our evaluation and insights to create a GoToAction plan that gives you short wins and long term vision. 

Shake up your

Marketing is complex, but it doesn’t need to be chaos.

Everyone’s marketing plan starts off simple enough before you start adding team members, freelancers and niche agencies and media channels to the mix. Suddenly you realize things that used to take days can take weeks or months.

We help you plan your work efficiently, with your team, our team or a combination of both. 

Pump up your

Investing in an agile marketing strategy pays off big.


The traditional campaign is dead. There’s no more “one size fits all” marketing. We create small experiments with several ideas targeting each of a dozen personas we identify, quickly eliminating what’s not working and doubling down on what is. 


We’re the passionate nerds who always need to know what’s new — we’ve also helped market some of the leading adtech, so often our reputation means we’re some of the first people invited to try new things. 


Eliminating the slowness and inefficiencies in a marketing process means getting to what’s working faster – meaning higher margins and faster growth than ever before. 

Some of the clients we’ve worked with…

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Discover the MGC Difference:

Global Talent Network

Instead of gumming up the works with a lot of full time staff, we maintain a small core team and bring on specialty talent to fill in gaps for our clients’ unique needs. Spread throughout the globe, we manage a mix of digital nomads and niche agencies. We’re also the owners of Adholes, an online social network of advertising talent initially founded by our CEO in 2004 as one of the first business social networks. 

Strategy First

Because we don’t keep full time team members in niches, we’re agnostic about what tactics are used. Our strategy first approach means we turn down tactic based work over clients who recognize the need data and insight driven work. 

Sensible Billings

Ad agencies are made to be billing machines. We help clients control their costs by eliminating tedious and uncontrollable hourly billing over fixed project and retainer-based fees. 

Data Meets Creative

Data without interpretation is noise. Creativity without insight is an art project. Together they’re the most powerful force in marketing, one we leverage through a proprietary approach to helping you understand your audience better than ever. 

The Latest Technology

With a lean structure, we’re quicker to adopt new technologies than bigger companies. We’re one of the only agencies offering behavioral social media analysis, programmatic media, and programmatic native advertising to dramatically increase results 

Pitch Free Workplace

Armed with our unique approach, we do not do free spec work or pitch against other agencies. We do this for a few reasons. First, we’ve felt it’s unethical for clients to pit agencies against each other to get free work. Second, losing pitches is not only expensive financially, but it quickly demoralizes team members. And third, because we have a number of unique features from how we work to our technologies, comparing us to another agency is difficult. What this means for you is 100% of our effort goes towards client work, not trying to grow the company. 

Actions Not Awards

Our founder and team members have been honored in the past by numerous industry awards and accolades. But after all of these years of experience, we felt that entering these shows with their expensive fees, time consuming entry processes to essentially an industry pat ourselves on the back was quickly becoming an anachronism in a world that needs help with real issues more than ever. Therefore, we have stopped entering award shows and donate the time money we would have spent entering instead to good causes. 

How to get started with MGC

A path is formed by laying one stone at a time. We start small, with things like GoalStorming sessions or AudienceGenius which gives us both a sense of how we work together and delivers useful direction and insights you can use with any agency, even if for some reason you decide we’re not a fit. Schedule a free 20 minute session below to discuss what the right fit is for your brand….