MGC knows brilliant work comes from ingenious people


While the structures and processes of being an anti-agency are important to us, we know our people are what makes us successful. Which is why we don’t limit ourselves to the talent who are commuting distance from an office, but cast our net globally to find the best people for fantastic clients. Our culture is about matching talent with work they love, while allowing them the flexibility and freedom to live their dreams wherever they are. Thinking by inspired people unobstructed by offices, politics, water cooler talk, stressful commutes, terrible weather, cramped expensive offices, and manufactured corporate culture is the only competitive solution we can offer in a world of automation and cost-cutting.


MGC knows strategy executed with brilliant creative is our reason to exist


The new reality of business is having a firehose of data and insights – how we understand and interpret that data is just as creative an act as design, photography and writing. We live to find the hidden answers in the data and bring them to life in ways that distinguish our clients from the competition. Strategy and creative are not separate elements of our service, but completely intertwined in a team of thoroughly cross-trained marketing leaders. Data without insight is noise. Creativity without data is an art project. Combined, they’re the most powerful marketing force we can offer.


MGC knows clients deserve transparency


The agency world has lived off the fat of media commissions, kickbacks, overbilling and other taxes to clients. We aim to be profitable, but know that to do so means being compensated in ways that make sense for both parties. We do not bog our team down in hourly accounting and justifying tiny line items to pad our bottom line. We create a budget or flat fee and stick to it without counting every little thing.


MGC knows marketing starts from the top


The more involved the highest levels of a client are in the marketing, the more of an influence we have on developing products people want at a price people are willing to pay. Marketing strategy and creativity are drivers of not just sales, but company vision and morale, customer service, and research.



MGC knows your customer is smarter than you


Everything we do is focused on the customer. Who are they, what do they do, what do they love, what problems do they have, and what drives them to act? We never forget that customers are humans, and individuals who experience the world in their own unique way. While we can talk in sales funnels, conversion rates, and other fancy analytics talk, we respect each person’s individuality and avoid “one size fits all” solutions. Above all, we must always treat our customers with intellectual respect.


MGC knows we should expand globally by making a difference locally


We know building our worldwide network of talent will provide the resources and stability that clients need, but the flexibility to keep costs at a minimum. We shun fancy office designs and the endless “open space” vs. “cubicle” debates for opening coworking spaces, funding Starbucks cards and giving our team the freedom to work from wherever inspires them. In every city we have a presence, we will do our best to support the local talent, marketing and entrepreneurial communities with resources and leadership.


MGC knows we need a permission process  


The biggest ad agency scam is the “approval process.”  Leveraging the fear of low level client employees, every change in a period or resize of a logo goes through a convoluted journey from account exec to junior account exec to intern to traffic manager who routes the change to production, who prints it out and gives it back to the traffic manager to get approvals from every member of the creative and account team (who may somewhere along the way questions the whole strategy and start the journey all over again) and finally back to the client for “approval.” Each step of the way, you are juiced for 15 minutes here, 30 minutes there and it’s not just the hours billed but the days it takes to get the simplest change completed.


We create a permission process. We have general guidelines of what you’ll allow us to do or not do. Brand standards, tone, forbidden topics and words. In a fast paced marketing world, we need to react in real time, and use data and testing to pick the winning creative, not someone the client asked in the elevator. What you lose in security and control you gain in speed to market and efficiency of spend. Eventually you won’t miss the security and control. We haven’t been fired for it…yet.


MGC knows to treat your budget as an investment, not an expense


We start with your end goal in mind: to increase sales. And every strategy and piece of communications we create is to guide our customer further down the process of completing that sale. If we don’t know how our assignment will further our goal, we will not complete the assignment.


MGC knows our effectiveness is affected by our compensation


If we do our jobs well, only a fraction of a client’s budget is spend strategizing, creating and producing their marketing and advertising. Therefore, we know that in order to succeed, we have to be compensated at a level that allows us to intelligently invest our client’s money as efficiently as possible. We bring value to clients for a fair price.


MGC knows our purpose is to bring dreams to life

Companies whose sole purpose is profit are not appealing to us, and we know they won’t last. Today’s disruptive, world changing companies all have a common ingredient: they serve a purpose above and beyond revenue. Bringing dreams to life – of our clients, their customers and our employees is what gives us joy. It’s bringing together likeminded people with shared passion who want to go on a journey together.