Our Process

Start with the end in mind. Nothing worth doing is easy and achieving your BFG or “Big Fing Goal” won’t be without a lot of planning and effort. But all the planning and effort in the world is useless if you have no idea where you’re going. Many companies who come to us have the same obvious goals: Make it cheaper, sell more units, charge more money. 

But what’s missing in this approach is not just an overall vision but maximizing lifetime customer value. And you don’t create lifetime customers and extract the most value from them without a brand. Because if it’s about being cheaper, faster, more reliable or newer, someone will always find a way to beat you in the short term. 

So we start every engagement with a Goalstorming™ session to gauge your appetite for being pushed further. And once we know where you’re headed, every other step in the process becomes a lot easier. 

AudienceGenius™ is our proprietary methodology we created to gain a deeper understanding from your audience than ever before using a combination of social media data and analytics from your own fans and audience, as well as looking at your competitors. 

What’s the difference between your mailing list audience and your Facebook fans? What data clusters do your audience fit into? 

At the end of an AudienceGenius engagement, you’ll know with confidence: 

Media Buying

What media properties does your audience consume most? It might be easy enough for you to guess the first five or ten, but what about the top 100? It’s in those long-tail finds that we discover the cheaper buys that still reach your customers. 


What celebrities and influencers are on the long tail who might be affordable to partner with to help spread your message? 

Partnerships & Sponsors

What brands does your audience also like? Are there strategic opportunities for partnerships and even soliciting sponsorships from these brands? 


Does your audience have a sense of humor? We’ve had clients who swear they don’t until we’ve shown them all the top comedians they follow. There’s no reason why data can’t inform all aspects of creative


Everything from what time of day will your posts get the most views, to what emojis to use, to whether your audience prefers images or videos and more. 


We will discover the hidden personas from deep demographic insights including age, gender, marital status, location, job type, income, digital behaviors, types of credit cards used, what cars they drive and dozens of other data points which uncover hidden gems that launch new targeted campaigns. 


Where are people dropping off on your website? How often are they returning? What pages do they leave most? We look at dozens of data points to find short term fixes that can lead to long term revenue bumps. 

Content Strategy

What pieces of content are trending with your audience and how can we learn from it to develop our own? 

Competitive Intelligence

What is your competition up to in social and how do you rate against them? What’s working/not working for them? How is their audience different from yours? 

We know heading up marketing with limited resources is challenging and it’s easy to get so caught up in the day to day that the long term vision you want to implement keeps getting pushed off. With our DualStreaming™ approach, we put together two–track plans that give you short term wins you can feel good about now, while building that longer term vision that makes sure you’re reaching your Big Fing Goal sooner. 


After we have our AudienceGenius™ engagement complete, we use these insights to further understand our personas and approach moving forward.

We look further into the target’s behavior to understand their pain points and how they go about discovering a solution to their problem once they decide to act on it.

The Buyer’s Journey is the culmination of this research, which shows us a map of their discovery and decision making process and how we can appropriately intercept them with our message.


Once we know who we want to reach and where, we begin to plan out all the media spends, unique messaging and creative thought starters we’ll need as well as the overall timeline and budgets. 

We’ll present you with a Go-To-Market strategy and what your and our responsibilities will be, along with an overall budget with approximate breakdowns. 

From here, we identify what roles we’ll need filled at what budget.


When we have our Go-To-Market strategy approved, we begin to tap into our global network of talent to identify who is the best fit to work on your business. 

We’re not a pre-existing team who will all pretend to love what you do — we find people who have experience in your category who also are passionate about it. 

It’s amazing what a difference it makes to work with people with infectious enthusiasm vs. being told they have to work on something in a full time role. 


Now that the team is one big happy family, we start the process of executing. This includes creative development, production, web development, public relations, content and social strategy, SEO, media planning and buying and lots of other complicated things you’ll no longer need to manage yourself. 


We don’t just launch campaigns and move on. Our team obsessively manages spends, creative options and tests to consistently lower your cost per acquisition even further. We eliminate what’s not working and double down on what is to make our spend as efficient as possible. 


A lot of agencies end their process with “repeat.” But for us, repeat means that everything worked great the first time around, and it never does. Marketing is extremely complicated and dynamic — once we’ve found something that works well we want to continue without drastic changes, but only repeat the process for entirely new launches.