Over the past few years, we’ve worked with a number of projects that we’re proud of. For every interested client, we put together custom examples of the most relevant work to their needs. Below are a few of our favorite projects. 

Relaunch an iconic 1960s surfing brand as a limited edition 50th anniversary box set.

The Endless Summer

Use social media behavioral data to gain a deep understanding of our wealthy older California surfer demographic. We discovered what media they consumed, where they live, and what their interests are, using these insights to inform key decisions such as where to hold the launch party, what retail and online stores to approach and the overall tone and creative of the campaign. 

Relaunching a dormant brand from the 1960s required a great deal of planning including what resources we’d need to launch, how we’d steward the budget and overall planning and timelines. 

The difference MGC brings in terms of staffing is outside of our core team, we seek out talent with experience in our client’s industry. For the Endless Summer, our head of PR was an avid summer, whose lifelong dream was to meet The Endless Summer’s director, Bruce Brown. Additional talent with surfing experience including a creative director and marketing coordinator.

Our PR team achieved numerous placements for the launch including a strategic partnerships with Red Bull, The Surfer’s Journal, Surfing Heritage & Cultural Center, and the International Surfing Museum. 

The launch culminated with an epic party in Huntington Beach, California featuring a who’s who of surfing legends including Bruce Brown himself shortly before he passed away. 

We quickly worked with our development team to create an e-commerce website whose aesthetic inspired 1960s surf fans to act on buying the book, while educating a whole new generation on the importance of Bruce Brown’s seminal documentary. 

Core to the web experience

was a video we produced to

immerse the consumer in

the Endless Summer

experience with clips of the

film, the famous soundtrack

and unfolding into the

gorgeous book.

With our older audience predominantly on Facebook, we used a steady stream of inspiring surfing photos and articles to grow the audience to nearly 10,000 fans in just a few months.

A combination of microtargeted social and display, youtube pre-roll, native blog ads and partnerships with surfing magazines drove down costper- acquisition costs through constant optimization.

We quickly worked with the client to understand their audience, develop a launch plan, recruit a team that was a who’s who of surfing and marketing, and managed a great number of moving parts in a short period of time while dealing with hiccups such as massive production delays that required us to constantly shift our schedule and priorities. 

Rebrand the pediatric dental clinic and raise awareness of free services for people with Medicaid

Florida Health

Create a new brand for Florida Health’s Pediatric Dental clinic including all related materials, brochures, erc. 

Work closely with Florida Health’s Public Policy Team to determine the best approach to reaching low income individuals in the community to raise awareness of free Pediatric Dental and WIC services for children who qualify for Medicaid. 

Worked with the client to create a recruitment strategy for community engagement specialists to go door to door with brochures, using scripts we helped author to raise awareness and better understand their needs. 

We used social media insights to understand what local businesses our target market frequents most, so we could target them with brochures and posters in these places.

Rebrand and relaunch the world's leading neuroproduct development company.

Senso Medical

A complete design exploration leading to a new logo, materials, website, brochures and trade show graphics.

Gained a deep understanding of how Senso works with neuroscientists in bringing their inventions to market to create compelling sales materials with infographics explaining the process. 

Worked with the Society for Neuroscience trade show to design the Senso Medical Booth including all furniture and materials. 

Name, brand and create the launch strategy for a startup patient engagement app.


We created a branding exercise in partnership with the founder / CEO and landed on HealthSteps for a variety of reasons, the main one being no one had trademarked it yet.

We developed a look and feel that’s positive, approachable and quickly explains what the product does in an iconic way. The stylized hospital H intersecting with a checkmark for getting various health steps a doctor would give a patient to complete summed up in a single icon. 

We created a compelling enough pitch deck that HealthSteps was accepted into UF’s Innovation Hub incubator. From there, the company had a unique opportunity to partner with UF Shands Hospital on testing the beta product with their clinical trials department.

Create experiences and edgy marketing to get an environmental non-profit's message attention on a budget

We Are Neutral

Worked with the client to create an engagement strategy to get music festival-goers to donate to offset their carbon footprint. Out of this process came an edgy idea to attract attention with “UNF*CK THE ENVIRONMENT” t-shirts for the staff to wear. They created so much attention and demand, it launched a whole new t-shirt business. 

After coming up with the UNF*CK THE ENVIRONMENT shirt, we helped pivot to an e-commerce store to sell them online and create a whole new donation revenue stream. 

Every year we worked with the client to raise awareness of their booth at Bonnaroo by giving away tickets with a contest that rewarded social sharing with additional entries. 

Lead the marketing of a major regional yoga business to create integrated campaigns for numerous targets.

Yoga Yoga

Create the strategy and ongoing content behind leveraging tens of thousands of customers to increase online sales. 

Rebuilt an aged 500 page website with a modern content management system with a beautiful refresh, dynamic event content, responsiveness and the ability for staff to update themselves without needing to code. 

Created a “Design Your Yoga” chatbot which based on a customer’s answers to a series of questions in a conversation, algorithmically creates a custom yoga plan of classes and special events. 

Ongoing media planning and buying on Facebook, Programmatic Media, Google Adwords and local print for numerous products and targets. 

Ongoing media planning and buying on Facebook, Programmatic Media, Google Adwords and local print for numerous products and targets. 

Creative direct all materials online and in print to brand standards. 

Additional Work