Our work is just a small peek into the complexity of the engagements we have with our clients. Once we get to know you better, we can privately share results and best practices that our clients would prefer to have hidden from public consumption. Please contact us if you would like to see additional work samples.

Current Projects

Create an outreach strategy to increase the number of clients for Florida Health’s WIC program and Dental Clinics.

Complete overhaul of the brand website for a chain of over 100 yoga and tai chi clinics.

Work with an all-star team of wellness professionals to launch a new line of premium chaga mushroom tea.

Pre-campaign and list building for a new product launch in the home goods space.

Marketing a new line of OEM Neuroproducts to neuropsychology entrepreneurs.

Consulting and creative development for a Kickstarter launch campaign in the fashion category.

Gamification consulting to increase engagement among practitioners and customers in an online wellness marketplace.

Launching a media platform and community for people with chronic pain.u00a0

Featured Work

Additional Samples

Consulting, co-production of a promotional video.

With a partner agency, write and produce a viral video for a computer refurbishing company.u00a0